>>Agnes<< Faux Floral Ethereal Hair Crown... from £30


Agnes // Meaning 'Pure or Holy'

From £30

An etheral style hair crown, filled with lush faux foliage and finished with a few select petite flowers, to be worn off centre.


Handmade floral hairpieces, lovingly created in my creative studio.

Using hand chosen faux flowers, Walnut + Willow aims to bring you all of the beauty that fresh flowers offer, with an everlasting element.


•By placing the crown either at the front of your head or on the top, creates different looks to suit lots of hair styles.

•Select from the options for your head size and colour preferences and away you go...

•All items are bespoke and handmade, meaning that you may not receive the exact item seen in the photographs

•Do be aware when ordering that variation between each hair piece may occur due to the bespoke nature in which they are created.

•Sizes and colours changes may appear, this is due to the limited stock of each flower.

•The combinations and layouts may also vary due to the organic way in which they are created.

•If you require matching sets of flowers, please contact me first before purchasing to avoid disappointment.

•Please get in touch via >>Lola@walnutandwillow.co.uk<< if you are looking for something more specific *Please allow 2 weeks for delivery on handmade items due to high demand on handmade products.

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