>>Mairwen<< Faux Floral Side Twiggy Crown - Large Flowers... from £30


Mairwen// Meaning Fairmary

From £30


>>Large Flowers<<


//Floral hair crowns are the bomb, fact!

//Looking for a showstopper hair piece for your wedding? Look no further than this one of a kind beauty.

//This stunning bespoke full floral hair crown is created using petite blooms in the colours of your choice //adorned with unusual foliage, created on a twiggy wreath base.


//Whimsical floral hairpieces are lovingly handmade in my creative studio, using hand chosen faux flowers.

//Walnut & Willow aims to bring you all of the beauty that fresh flowers offer, with an everlasting element.


//This twiggy style hair piece can be worn on either side of your head, to suit your hair style and comfort.

//By placing the crown either at the front of your head or slightly further back to sit on top of your head, creates different looks to suit lots of hair styles.
//Select from the options for your head size and colour preferences and away you go...


//All items are bespoke and handmade, meaning that you may not receive the exact item seen in the photographs

//Do be aware when ordering that there are variations between each and every item.

//Sizes and colour changes may appear, this is due to the availability and limited stock of each flower.

//The combinations and layouts may also vary due to the organic way in which they are created.

//If you require matching sets of flowers, please contact me first before purchasing to avoid disappointment.


//Please get in touch via >>Lola@walnutandwillow.co.uk<< if you are looking for something more specific *Please allow 2 weeks for delivery on handmade items due to high demand on handmade products.

Head size
Colour Choice