>>Jude<< Faux Flower Bouquet.....from £100


>>Jude<< Faux Flower Bouquet

from £100


Jude// Meaning: 'The name Jude is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Jude is: Praise. The praised one'


•Using hand chosen faux flowers, Walnut + Willow aims to bring you all of the beauty that fresh flowers offer, with an everlasting effect.

•A mix of darker shades of pink faux flowers are used to create a strong and striking statement, bridal bouqet.


•Bound using hanging floaty ribbons, this bouquet is made up of faux flowers in a natural design to mimic fresh flowers, but with an everlasting aspect.


•Variations between each bouquet may occur, due to the bespoke nature in which they are created.

•Sizes and colour changes may appear, this is due to the limited stock of each flower.

•The combinations and layouts may also vary due to the organic way in which they are created.

•If you require matching sets of flowers, please contact me first before purchasing to avoid disappointment.

Colour Choice: Light Pink